"Etiquette Guidelines"

Thank you for taking the time to read through the Etiquette Guidelines.

I look forward to showing my deepest appreciations. 


Let’s create an experience that will be fun and pleasurable for both of  us.


Here are a few things which will surely enhance our experience together. 


- Our time is valuable and I will be ready to meet you at the appointed hour, so please be punctual for our appointment. In your correspondence with me by email please be clear and respectful.

- Please be so generous to fill out my secure booking and screening form to make the whole process easier and faster for both of us. If you prefer copy the questions and answer them via email.


- Know that I value privacy and discretion as I am sure you do. All your personal information for screening will be treated with care and  held confidential.  


- When making first contact please avoid sharing any lewd wishes or desires. Please keep the conversation in regards to arranging our time together and we will see what happens naturally when we meet.

My donation is for my time only. 

- Do you have an untapped desire, unique fetish, or something that you want to explore because it radically turns you on?  Want to try something new? I find creativity super sexy! My desire is to know your desires... The possibilities are endless when you ask!

- When you arrive I’ll invite you to freshen up. There is mouthwash and fresh towels available so you may wash up. 

- Do you have a desire to learn new skills, explore ways to become a better Lover? Are you a couple looking to be initiated into your very first 3-way? It would be my absolute pleasure to take the lead and be your must and guide. I am at your service!

- Requests for additional pictures  will be declined. This is non negotiable and my privacy is just as important as yours.


- Personal hygiene is very important and I expect you to be as immaculately groomed as I will be for you. I request that you have  clean hands, fresh breath, and be freshly showered and NO heavy colognes or aftershave.


- When you first meet with me please leave my consideration in open sight and in an unsealed envelope.

- When we meet and always treat me with respect, honor and gentleness.


Now we are both on the same page our time together will be most certainly pleasurable.