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“My wife and I had the pleasure to meet Sapora during the  Winter of 2017. Sapora is a kind, gentle and compassionate person. This was the first time we had been intimate as a long term married couple with a third party and the experience as guided by Sapora could not have been better.


Sapora was considerate of our feelings and gentle in guiding us through a journey which was pleasurable and one which we will treasure. We hope to see Sapora again and recommend her to any couple which is looking to explore a unique pleasurable experience with a sincerely nice person.”

-  Washington, D.C. 



​A sweet retreat from your busy schedule, come into a world where anything is possible...

On Sabbatical All of April

Available Again May 2nd 

Nashville/Franklin, TN

5/2 - 5/5

Tampa, Florida

5/10 - 5/11


What are your pleasures?

The Interlude 

1  hour: 650

The Special Occasion

90 minutes: 900 (couple 1600)

The Luscious Engagement 

2 hour: 1200 (couples 1900)

The Unforgettable Escapade

4 hours: 2200

The Sweet Indulgence (6 hours) 

6 hours: 3000

Your Overnight Pleasures

14  hours: 5000 (couples 5700)

additional hours are: 500/hr

note: I require 8 hours of beauty sleep for overnight visits

I'm all Yours Darling

24 hour immersion: 7000 (couples 7700)

note: I require 8 hours of beauty sleep for overnight visits

Lets forget the world together

48 hours 10,000 (COUPLES 10,700)





The Girlfriend Tantric 3 Day  SEE BELOW


Outcall: add 100/hr driving

Virtual Dating

Phone Calls: 500 per hour

Fly Me To You 

Date minimum is 4 hours: 3000

Send the cost of a first class flight and accommodation

20% deposit required


Your muse and delight

2 hours: 1800



I require a deposit of 150 sent via Cashapp or Venmo. Please refrain from putting anything in the notes. 

References -

I do not solely accept references as verification. Booking form must be submitted.

Let's Explore the Possibilities...

 Intimacy Mastery 3 Day Experience



  • Unlimited time of your choosing

  • Prioritized Attention and Scheduling

  • Tantric Practice with an experienced muse and more...

  • Learn the bedroom communication skills you wish they’d taught us growing up

  • Develop awareness of the place where sex and spirit come together

In our shared time together your may experience:


Personal & emotional growth

Techniques to becoming a better lover

A felt sense experience of Tantra​

Improved communication 

Confidence in new touch methods

The sexy side of consent

How to ask for what you really want and give in a mutually pleasing way

For when I’m not in your city and you just can’t wait to see me.  Maybe you seeking a sweet luscious companion to be there for you after a full day of business meetings or to enjoy playtime out on the city.


I’m always passport ready and would be a joy to join you for a business trip or pleasurable vacation.  



** Cancellation Policy**

While I am committed to providing you with exceptional service, I do have a cancellation policy. 

I appreciate your email or text 24 hours prior to make any changes to your appointment.

 If prior notification is not given, there is a 50% service fee.


 Thank you for understanding.   


Legal Notice: This is not an offer for prostitution. All donations are for my time and companionship only. Legally, I cannot and will not discuss or agree to any type of solicitation
No fees or tips will be quoted, negotiated, assessed, or collected in exchange for sexual conduct of any kind. Any attempt to compromise my position on these issues will result in:
1. Immediate termination of our time together, 2. Forfeiture of all donations, 3. End all further contact. Anything else that may occur during our time together is a matter of personal choice between two or more consenting adults of legal age. With reference to CA Penal Code section 647(b) and CALJIC No. 16.42, the services  discussed herein do not in any way include or relate to either: (1) engagement in any lewd act for money or other consideration, or (2) Solicitation, offer, or agreement to engage in any lewd act for money or other consideration. GIFTS ARE FOR TIME, COMPANIONSHIP AND MODELING.